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X2IMG - Convert PDF to JPG

Sviluppatore TechMania

X2IMG is a cool and fast image generate application. It is used to convert other file formats to image(PNG or JPG).X2IMG also is a good tool to read and preview PDF/EPUB/CBZ/XPS file.Supported file formats: PDF, XPS , CBZ , EPUB, JPG , TIFF , PNG , JFIF.X2IMG does not change or delete the original file.All generated images are saved in the folder "/X2IMG/" on your external storage.This is a great tool for converting PDF to jpg or png, also a easy tool to manage and view images on folder "/X2IMG/" .Use X2IMG to make your life more efficient
Android 6.0+, In order to make the X2IMG work, please allow X2IMG to read external storage
Convertor features:- Convert PDF to JPG/PNG- Convert XPS to PNG/JPG- Convert TIFF to PNG/JPG- Convert EPUB to PNG/JPG- Convert CBZ to PNG/JPG- Convert JFIF to PNG/JPG- Convert JPG to PNG- Convert PNG to JPG
File preview features:- Read and preview PDF file- Read and preview EPUB file- Read and preview CBZ file- Read and preview XPS file- Read and preview TIFF file- Jump to the page you want
Other features:- Hide or show generated images in gallery or Photo Album App (Need to Reboot your device after change this option!)- Manage generated images (Multi-selection,Merge image folders,Delete images, Share images,Rename image folder and single image)- View generated images (Image zoom in/zoom out)- Sort image folders and images in folder- Long press into multi-selection and drag to select more- Set the generated JPG’s quality- File browser to select file to convert